Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Jet Skiing - Anclote Sand Bar

 One of the Best Beaches for Jet Skiing is the North Anclote Sandbar. This secluded spot North of Anclote Key is an excellent place to Jet Ski. It offers a lot of open water, protected inner coastal water and very nice beaches.
 Getting here can be a little rough if the winds are high but once your there everything is great. You can pull your skii's right to the beach and the gullf side is great for swimming and for skiing.
 At times during the summer cruising over the turquoise water you can see Sharks, Manatee and Tarpon cruising the beach as well, It is an excellent time and well worth short ride to get there.
 ALSO be aware that gas can be a problem if your going there to ride all day you could find that you can burn through a tank easily. just keep an eye on it.
 As you can see the wide open areas are great and the water is deep enough right at the shore.
 It's always fun and there are plenty of other skiiers out and about to link up with and have a good time.